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  • JLI“Strength & Struggle”
    Lessons in Character from the Stories of Our Prophets
    A New Six-Session Course from the Rohr Jewish Learning Institute
    Six Wednesdays 7:30-9:00 p.m. Beginning May 18th 2016
    At the Chabad House
    Fee $99- $79 Early Bird Special
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  • Lag BaOmerJoin us for the annual Lag BaOmer Celebration!

    Thursday, May 26th 5:00pm
    at The Chabad House

    Fun for the whole family!

    For more Info call 616.957.0770
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  • Jewish Women's CircleLag B'Omer - Celebrate Israeli style!
    Monday, May 23rd
    Enjoy a tasty falafel dinner and learn how to make delicious Middle Eastern dips.
    Roundtable discussion "The Five Steps to Enhancing Interpersonal Relationships".

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  • Camp Gan IsraelGan Israel is a place where kids dreams come true. It’s a place where kids broaden their horizons, where each day promises a combination of new adventures; and develops their self-esteem...

    June 27th - July 15th
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  • Cteen Grand RapidsCTeen offers programs that bring teens together to embrace their shared faith and give back to their communities and the environment.Read More
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  • Celebrating 38 Years36 Years Celebration VideoVideo
  • ParshahA comprehensive presentation of the weekly Torah reading, including translations, summaries and overviews, Rashi in English, and anthology of classical commentaries, essays based on the teachings of the chassidic masters, a wide selection of contemporary "Parshah Columnists," audio classes and a "Family Parshah" section for kids
  • Questions & AnswersWhy do we keep kosher? Hasn't religion caused as much suffering as good? What happens after we die? The first Jew began by asking questions, finding answers, and asking questions on the answers. The quest continues...Read More
  • Jewish Date ConverterUse this powerful tool to convert any regular calendar date to its corresponding Jewish calendar date, or vice versa.
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    Dawn (Alot Hashachar)

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    Earliest Tallit and Tefillin (Misheyakir)

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    Sunrise (Hanetz Hachamah)

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    Candle Lighting

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    Sunset (Shkiah)

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    Nightfall (Tzeit Hakochavim)

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They wallowed in sand, subsisting only on carobs and water. They exit after thirteen years. What is the first thing on Rabbi Shimon’s agenda?
I tried saying it effortlessly, like I'd been saying it all my life . . .
Her father disowned her; she lost her social status in the community; she lost her friends and her neighbors.
The birthday of Jewish mysticism . . . The spiritual significance of the bow and arrow . . . Can love be true, and can truth be loving? . . . What is Kabbalah?
There are so many different schools of meditation. Are they all safe? Are they all kosher?
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