Ask us how we can help you obtain kosher food! To find out more call  269-903-2770 

Chani's Kosher Kitchen: for more info about made-to-order kosher meals call Chani Liberow, 616-264-2289 

Packaged kosher meat is available for purchase in Kalamazoo

Pickup is at the Chabad House, 504 Sprague Ave. Please call 269-903-2770 for hours.

Price of meat are approximate, and subject to change, due to market availability and fluctuation in market price.

All products may not be available at all times.


Ground beef 

Rib steaks



Sliced salami (6 oz)

Sliced corn beef (6oz)

Classic beef franks



Chicken quarters 

Chicken legs 

Chicken 1/8ths 

Chicken breasts boneless/skinless 

Michigan Department of Agriculture License Number: 59412 


We welcome suggestions as to what meat products you would like to have available for purchase!