"Play is not the opposite of 'work' - both are part of everyone's life. For young children there is no division between 'play' and 'work'; they are learning through everything they do." (W.J.)

At Gan Yeladim Preschool, our classrooms are set up as an environment of learning. The centers that make up the design of the rooms change according to the current unit, so that the children are learning as they play. This also provides them the opportunity to explore the various centers as it arouses their curiosity, promoting independence and important self-help skills.

In Mishlei, 22:6, it is written: "Educate a Child according to his way, so even when he grows old he shall not depart from it." We believe that children have different styles of learning and we prepare educational experiences to cater to these various learning styles. This enables each and every child to be a part of the current theme by participating in his/her own way.