Happy Chanukah!
Join us for Chanukah at
Chabad of Western Michigan
Rabbi's Message

Dear Friend,

Have we ever needed the light of Chanukah like we do this year? The story of a little candle pushing away the monster of frightening darkness, of human sensibility overcoming fear and isolation, of love overcoming divisiveness. The battle is very much alive within each of us, and in the world outside of us.

The victory of light over darkness happens when we
light the Chanukah candles. It happens with every breath of life, every cry of a newborn child, every blade of grass that breaks out from under the soil, every decision to be kind where there is cruelty. And that is Chanukah. Chanukah is an eight-day spiritual journey of joy, warmth, and light.

In this tradition, Chabad presents this Chanukah Magazine with illuminating insights into our traditions of light. Our hope is that each reader will follow and light up the world, one candle at a time.

Looking forward to seeing you at the Grand Menorah Lighting downtown at the Calder Plaza on Sunday, December 13th at 5:00pm.

Rabbi Yosef & Sarah Weingarten
Directors, Chabad House of Western Michigan


Chanukah Events

Menorah Building Workshop with Home Depot

Sunday, November 22, 12:00pm - 2:00pm

Each child gets to build their very own Menorahs from Home Depot! Each child will also receive their very own Home Depot apron as well. Jewish music, refreshments and a fun atmosphere will be sure to get the kids (and the parents) into the Chanukah spirit! This event is FREE. Parents must be in attendance.

At Chabad!


Daily Menorah Lighting at the Calder Plaza


Night 1 // November 28th

(Grand Menorah Lighting!)

Lighting at the Calder Plaza: 5:00pm

Night 2 // November 29th

Lighting at the Calder Plaza: 5:00pm

Night 3 // November 30th
Lighting at the Calder Plaza: 5:00pm

Night 4 // December 1
Lighting at the Calder Plaza: 5:00pm

Night 5 // December 2
Lighting at the Calder Plaza: 5:00pm

Night 6 // December 3
Lighting at the Calder Plaza: 3:00pm

Night 7 // December 4
Lighting at the Calder Plaza: 7:00pm

Night 8 // December 5


Lighting at the Calder Plaza: 5:00pm

Grand Menorah Lighting at the Calder Plaza

November 28th
5 PM - 6 PM
Calder Plaza 
  • Live Music
  • Dancing
  • Entertainment
  • Donuts

For more info, contact Rabbi Weingarten.

616 957 0770

Deli & Donuts

Chanukah Party

November 30th
5:30pm - 7:30pm
Chabad House 

RSVP Required 

We'll be giving out kits with menorahs and candles. 

Through Sunday, December 5

At Chabad House.

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