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Holiday Services 5782-2021 

Rosh Hashana @ Chabad

540 Elizabeth St East Lansing Mi 48823 
517 214 0525

Rosh Hashana Sep 6 -Sep 8 Services, Shofar blowing & Tashlich.

@ Chabad 

Warm, welcoming & easy-to-follow relevant services.

Please RSVP  517-214-0525 or Email: [email protected]

Services begin at 9:45 AM on both days of Rosh Hashana and 9:45AM on Yom Kippur and run until approximately 1:45 pm. Join us for an interactive program designed to make the prayers personally relevant and inspirational. The service will also incorporate an overview of the significance of the High Holidays, prayers, and selected readings. We will be singing and chanting several of the signature prayers of the day, and participants are invited to share their insights throughout the program.


Friday, Sep. 18 - Erev Rosh HaShana 
7:45pm - Candle Lighting  
7:50pm - Services & Apples dipped in Honey.  RSVP.

 Sep. 7 - Rosh HaShana, first day 

Family Shofar blowing 9am at Chabad

9:45am Services

Outdoor 11:30am - Torah 
Shofar blowing approx 12:00pm

Tashlich @ MSU, Shofar blowing & Honey Cake 6pm

Light candles from a pre-existing flame after 8:44 PM 
Begin preparing for the second day YomTov after 8:44 PM 
8:45pm - Services RSVP

Sep 8- Rosh HaShana, second day

Outdoor Family Shofar blowing 9am at Chabad 

9:45am Services
Outdoor 11:30am - Torah 
Shofar blowing approx 12:00pm

Shofar blowing & Honey Cake @ Bailey PARK 5pm

 8:42pm Ma'ariv- Havdalla  



Sep 15 - Yom Kippur Eve
7:29pm - Candle Lighting 
7:29pm - Fast Begins 
7:40pm - Kol Nidrei

Sep 16 - Yom Kippur 
9:45am - Shacharit 
12:00pm Yizkor 

7pm - Ne’ila 
8:28pm - Maariv 

8:40pm - Havdalla 

Break fast!!!