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Grand Rapids Teens Represent at International NYC Shabbaton

Seven teens from Grand Rapids traveled to New York at the end of February for the 14th annual CTeen Shabbaton, an international gathering of close to 3,000 Jewish teens. Our teens were treated to a thrilling, non-stop program with a trip to the Statue of Liberty, shopping in Manhattan, delicious Shabbat meals, talks by renowned speakers, and a highly-anticipated closing ceremony.

The highlight of CTeen’s INTL Shabbaton is always Saturday Night’s havdalah ceremony and concert in Times Square. This year featured a guest performance by Jewish music sensation Berri Weber. 

Times Square came alive with Jewish messages, as the billboards of American Eagle, Express, and Clear Channel were overtaken by CTeen’s customized videos. In the spirit of this year’s “Whenever, Wherever” theme, images of teens doing mitzvot were broadcasted across Time Square. 

With over 600 chapters around the world, CTeen is the world’s fastest-growing teen network. Teens traveled from as far as Morocco and Argentina for last month’s International experience. With immersive Jewish experiences focused on social, educational, and humanitarian elements, CTeen is also a way for local Jews to stay connected to each other and their heritage year-round.

Rabbi Moshe Kotlarsky, chairman of CTeen International, chooses to make such a great investment in CTeen because he recognizes the untapped potential of the teenage years. “The power of our youth is not to be underestimated,” he says.

The feelings of Jewish pride and sense of being a part of something bigger are priceless and will be with the teens for the rest of their lives.

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