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February 2023:

Grand Rapids Teens Return from CTeen Jewish Teen Summit with Renewed Jewish Pride

A group of 11 local teens recently participated in the 15th annual CTeen Summit, the annual CTeen International NYC Shabbaton that brings together Jewish teens from around the world. The Summit climaxed with the Jewish Pride Takeover of Times Square, an inspiring event that brought together over 3,000 Jewish teens from 30 countries to showcase the power of Jewish unity and pride.

Despite reports of a "Day of Hate," the event was a powerful demonstration of Jewish pride, with speeches, performances, and a concert by Jewish singer Benny Friedman. The Havdalah ceremony was a moving highlight of the evening as well as the historic affixing of Times Square’s first Mezuzah. 

According to our CTeen leader, Molly Johns, “The Times Square takeover is many people’s favorite part, for good reason. We all danced and sang together as brothers and sisters, celebrating our Judaism.” It was an unforgettable event for all the teens, showing the true power of being united through faith.

The weekend Shabbaton included workshops, presentations, and personal stories from fellow teens and speakers who overcame challenges and adversity, all aimed at fostering Jewish pride and unity. This year's theme, "Meant2B," addressed the growing teenage emotional health crisis by providing them with a sense of calm and purpose in knowing that everything that happens is part of a broader divine plan, and they play a critical role in that vision. 

The teens also had the opportunity to visit Chabad Headquarters and learn about the Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Schneerson’s OB”M vision for teens, seeing them as potential leaders and changemakers in their communities. According to Lindsey Katzman "The feeling of being a part of such a big and great community is so special"

The local teens returned home from the Shabbaton with renewed Jewish pride and a commitment to being proud Jews in their community. "Being surrounded by teens from all over the world that want to embrace their Judaism just like me brings me the greatest joy." said CTeen Leader, Shany Migdal. 

“We are incredibly proud of our local Jewish teens for taking part in the Shabbaton. It's inspiring to see young people embrace their Jewish identity and connect with other Jewish teens from around the world. We can never underestimate the power of youth to have a real positive impact on the world.” said Rabbi Yosef Weingarten

CTeen Grand Rapids provides an opportunity to connect with other Jewish teens, have fun, and make a positive difference in our community. Every month, we offer exciting programs and events. To learn more about the CTeen Shabbaton, contact Rivka at 616.206.9654.

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