The Building of our Mikvah

Mikvah Mei Menachem

The Mikvah is Complete. (New Pic's updated 1/29/06)

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Mikvah Slideshow

Preparing to Dig

The Tractor Arrives

Starting to Dig

End of First Days Work

Preparing for the Foundation

Drying of the Mikvah Building's Foundation

Digging the Foundation of the Mikvah Well

The Frame for the Mikvah

The Forum which will then be Concreted into the Mikvah with Rabbi/Engineer Grossbaum Supervising

Lowering the Forum into the Ground

Securing the Forum

Pouring the cement

Walls Going Up

Second Floor (Shul) Going Up

The Roof

The Roof And Driveway Going Up

Front View

Siding going up

Front View

The Mikva Entrance

The Steps Going up to the Shul

The Shul Room


Bathroom #1                                         The Mikvah Room 

Front View

Mikvah Tiles

Shul Bathroom Tiles

The Shul Light's Put Up & Wall's Painted

Entrance to Mikvah For Collecting Rain Water

The Spot Where The Rain Water Enters The Mikvah

The Mikvah

mikvah bathroom.jpg

The Bathroom


The Mikvah

mikva plaque.jpg

The Dedication Plaque

mikvah 2.jpg

The Mikvah (with cover)

waiting room 3.jpg

The Waiting Room (Door to Mikvah Open)

bathroom 1.jpg

The Bathroom Complete