The Mission of the Grand Rapids Hebrew Academy


Mission Statement


The Mission of the Grand Rapids Hebrew Academy is to provide the Jewish children of the community with an appreciation and understanding of their religion along with a solid secular education; and to offer young families, who desire a Jewish education for their children, the option of remaining in Grand Rapids.




We believe that…       Children should be educated in a stimulating and warm environment in which they are encouraged to develop intellectually, emotionally, physically, morally, and spiritually


We believe that…        Every child is special and must be seen as an individual to develop and grow


We believe that…       The best of both worlds secular and  Judaic may be blended to provide an education which is at once rich, fulfilling and stimulating


We believe that…      The “specialness” of being Jewish may be learned along with math skills, reading, art, drama and music in accordance with children’s grade level


We believe that…      The precious legacy of Jewish uniqueness   may be transmitted through song, dance, stories and discussion


We believe that…     Concern, kindness and sensitivity for their fellow human be nurtured in every child


The Learning in Grand Rapids Hebrew Academy
In Memory
Simon Gindzin
January 12th 2005

שמעון בן יוסף
נפטר ב' שבט ה'תשס"ה